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Grand Canyon Panaroma


You may be alone in your voyage, but never know who is watching and being inspired from your journey.

A passage of time, University of Colorado at Boulder campus on December 02, 2010
Every perfect day has an end – the end necessary for a new beginning that gives life to lifeless. CU campus on December 03, 2010

Persistence is the key for survival.
This squirrel was incessantly looking for food to save for bad day – the day when it will snow a lot in Boulder.

Inseparable from each other.
I wonder if both cats ever want to be together (angry or curious face), yet they cannot live separate from each other 🙂
Friend – with whom you are always feeling comfortable.
I don’t know the relationship between these two persons.  But they were very comfortable just sitting there and watching the stream full of ducks.  You could feel that they were connected to the beauty of the stream in a way so identical that they don’t have to speak to each other to express it.  A gentle smile is there to make this photo more vibrant.

Calmness adds color to life.

The calmness of this duck amid all people near the park was very captivating to me.  There are so much things happening around us and sometime it is very disturbing and distracting.  Calmness is what we need to keep us in right track.

A shower at the end of the day will relax you like no other.
This dock was getting out of water after swimming for hours.  I thought I am watching him/her.  But it was other way around.  S/he was relaxed after taking shower and I was relaxed knowing that s/he is not bothered by my full attention.
Details:  Duck in Boulder Creek, Boulder CO,  November 27, 2010

Yoga – do it always even though you think you don’t need it.  One may be best in what he/she does.  But it is hard to enjoy the result unless we have good health.

This photo was shot near Boulder Public Library on November 27, 2010.